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About Us

The AIDS Library serves the community through delivery of information on HIV, such as treatments, nutrition, and history of the pandemic, and referrals to regional and national resources. This information is provided through a variety of media including books, periodicals, medical journals, videos, and the Internet. All materials may be viewed in the comfort of the library and most books and videos may be loaned to those with a free AIDS Library borrower card.

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The AIDS Library provides free computer access to the library’s Online Resources, the Library Catalog, the Internet, and word-processing, and offers one-to-one computer tutorials. The library’s web site offers an easily accessible, 24-hour online resource for HIV information and services. In addition, the AIDS Library regularly hosts events on HIV related issues.

The AIDS Library is a safe space for everyone. We work to respect your privacy and confidentiality when answering any questions you may have. We ask that you follow our guidelines when in the AIDS Library to make sure that all people feel welcome here.

Contact Information

Library staff assists consumers during public service hours; Information Requests are answered when they visit the library, via telephone, fax, mail, and email.

1233 Locust Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Telephone: 215-985-4851
Fax: 215-985-4492
Email: library@fight.org
Website: www.aidslibrary.org


Monday through Friday: 1-5 pm
Closed Saturday & Sunday
(Please call the AIDS Library regarding holiday closings.)

Would you like to volunteer? Call Philadelphia FIGHT, 215-985-4448.

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For more information see Ask a Librarian or Contact Us.


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Every year, we publish a Greater Philadelphia AIDS Resource Guide. The Resource Guide is full of useful organizations in the greater Philadelphia area.

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